Bevin Brothers Manufacturing Company
PO Box 60
East Hampton, CT 06424

*Note: To purchase your Bevin Survivor Bell Commemorative Box with a Bevin History booklet click on the donate tab.
Please donate $10 +$2 (for shipping) for each Survivor bell that you would like shipped.
You may send a check payable to:
Bevin Bros.
10 Bevin Road
East Hampton, CT 06424.


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  • Margaret Thompson says:

    In 2010, I made a decision to purchase all "Made in the USA" Christmas gifts.  It was a fun, if not difficult at times, adventure.  I stumbled across the Bevin Bros. Bell company in an article in Yankee magazine and was immediately intrigued.  I contacted Bevin Bells with the idea of purchasing bells that could be used as "New Years bells".  Much to my surprise, I ended up receiving a personal call from Matt Bevin.  I was thrilled and impressed.  I purchased maybe 10-15 bells with Matt's help, he discounted the setup fee, thinking he might use the bells in his inventory – I believe the bells say, "Ring in the New Year with a Bevin bell" and then the year 2011.  Folks were thrilled, I gave them the bells along with a copy of the magazine article.  Unfortunately,  I did not follow up the next year, I had intended to order them each year (my husband was disappointed that he didn't get another one) but it just never happened.  When I saw this story, my heart ached for Matt and his family and for all of the employees at Bevin Bros. bell company.  I look forward to doing whatever small part I can do to help monetarily as well as spreading the word.  Good luck to you all.  A very happy customer from Syracuse, NY

  • Scott says:

    I was sad to learn of the fire, I had just purchased 2 bells in February, an employee, Candice Cori, was a great help.  I am restoring a Powercar Co. Firechief, the Powercar Co. Of Mystic Connecticut originally built these cars, in the 50's and 60's before going out of business, I am 100% sure that the Powercar Co. was a customer of Bevin Bells, as the bells I got from Bevin, were an exact match!  
    Matt, I applaud your taking the hard road and deciding to rebuild!  It would have been far easier, to take the insurance check and move on, but that is what makes you, your employees and your company great.  May God bless your efforts.
    In this Christmas season, where bells play such a special part, every time a Bevin Bell rings I know an angel gets it's wings and those angels will watch over your company.
    Best Regards,

  • Mike Flinn says:

    I am inspired by the Bevin story. Thanks for all you're doing. Like others above I made a donation and am looking forward to receiving the promised survivor bells but am wondering if I will receive a receipt and when I might expect to see the bells in the mail. I thought they would make thoughtful Christmas gifts. I know you have a lot of other things on your plate but we'd love to know how the delivery will work. Best wishes and Happy Thanksgiving.

  • Neil Clark says:

    I also work (and more than occasionally struggle) to keep a family-founded business in operation here in Long Beach, CA; I only learned of your firey set-back on November 15, 2012 from a feature story on CBS radio… and while I have some `donor fatigue' from contributing to other relief efforts – from the Aurora, CO shooting to Hurricane Sandy, I had to send a donation to keep your family's legacy alive and ringing. From one American (who happens to be an atheist) to another American (who happens to be a man of faith) – I wish you the very best.

  • Catherine Mahar & Michael Camerato says:

    we got our first Bevin Bell a few years ago and it now sits on our mantel – a place of honor until your factory is manufaturing again!
    We, as a community,  need to support and help the Bevin Bell Company  - .  Let's do whatever we can to keep the "bells in town"
    good luck and well wishes!

  • Kim Johnson says:

    My mother found the article in The Hartford Courant yesterday about purchasing "survivor bells".  I notice several comments saying there isn't a link to purchase the bells.  I couldn't find it either.  We would also like to purchase a few "survivor bells" to show our support of your factory and MADE IN THE USA!! We'll keep checking the website….hope it gets an update soon!  Best wishes for continued success!!!  And, thank you for your commitment to Belltown, East Hampton, CT and USA.
    Kim Johnson  – Manchester, CT

  • Frank says:

    If you go onto, it tells you to donate $10 + 2 (shipping) to get a bell. Although it doesn't specify how long it will take for said box with bell to be delivered.

  • Sue Kelly says:

    I love Ms. Hewes idea about the bricks. Taking her idea a step farther, you can begin an "Adopt a Brick" fundraiser.  Ex: A doner pays $20 to inscribe their family name on a brick and the accumulated family bricks can be used in the entry way of the new Bevin Bell factory.  I'd be happy to coordinate something like this. 

  • elaine from middletown says:

    I too would like to purchase a survivor bell.  Please let me know how to do it.  I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Michele Vasso says:

    I would like a bell in a box also, but cannot find where to purchase it?

  • nancy piazza says:

    I would also like to purchase a bell.  Pleas tell me how to do it.
    thank you.

  • Janet Arnow says:

    I would also like to buy a bell. Please tell me how to do it.
    Thank you.

  • carol mercure says:

    How do I go about purchasing one of the "Surviour Bells"?

  • Kathie Cassidy says:

    My parents ran a Christmas shop in Niantic for 42 years. We sold bell straps for many of those years, the bells on them were Bevin Bells. Prior to the bell straps, we sold your individual bells. I was so sad to hear of your fire. I so hope you get the factory back up and running as this country and state need to keep things MADE IN THE USA!
    I'll be sending a donation! Thanks for so many great memories and best of luck.

  • Cosmo Civale says:

    I would like to buy a bell…wasn't sure how to do that.

  • Mary Horbal Shelton,CT says:

    Dear Bevin Bells,
    I have just made a donation. It didn't indicate that I would like one of the "Survivor Bells" and the history of the bell factory.
    I wasn't aware that the bells for the Salvation Army are made right here in Connecticut.
    Best of luck to you in your rebuilding efforts. I hope with the help ot Mr. Blumenthal, you may get some federal aid.
    Mary Horbal

  • T. D. Wickwire says:

    How can I donate by check to Bevin Bros? To PSI Plus?

  • Maureen Wellman & Joseph Alves says:

    Matt, you are a heck of a guy. We are inspired. I had never heard of your company. If you need any volunteers, e-mail us.

  • Sheila Barton Engel says:

    Is there an email address that folks can use to offer assistance other than (or in addition to) monetary donations? Some Bellringers have more than money to offer but may be reluctant to post such on a public forum. (It's a yankee thing!)

  • Jeanne Peaslee says:

    I am interested in knowing how donations can be made. Is there a particular fund for construction? Thank you, Jeanne

  • Judy O'Neill says:

    Why don't you sell the bricks retrieved from the factory and sell them as a fundraiser? 

  • Rob Foberg says:

    I am retired and would love to help you in any way that I can.  Please call me at 860 267-2721 or 860 368-8561(cellphone).
    God Bless You and Bevin Bell.  Go USA!!
    Thank you.
    Robert A. Foberg

  • Barbara Hitchcock says:

    I wish I could do more to help. I have known your dear Grandmother since I was a baby. She and my late Mom, Evelyn Hitchcock, were good friends. My heart aches for how this tragedy must be effecting her. 
    I have also had family members who enjoyed working at your factory. My great uncle, Ivar Carlson worked in shipping during the 1950s through the mid 60s. He and my Aunt Gurli lived in the cottage in back of your great grandparents house where he was the groundskeeper.
    I remember my late mother-in-law, Dorothy Denman, telling with such pride in her voice how her father, Fred Scranton, was so valued as a tool and die maker by your Great Grandfather that he built and gave him a house on 10 Bevin Blvd., where she was born and lived nearly all her life. My father-in law, Earl Denman use to walk to his job at the factory through the woods in back of their house. My son Toby Denman wrote a very touching piece recalling this memory which appears on page 2 in this week’s Rivereast News Bulletin.
    When my sister and I brought our mother to Sweden so she could finally see the land her mother left at 16 to come to America, I wanted to bring special gifts for Mom’s cousin and his daughter who I had been corresponding with for years thanks to my Aunt Gurli. I knew almost instantly what I would bring. I called your Grandmother and she picked out 2 beautiful bells for me at the shop, which I had engraved at Devine Jewelers in town. My Swedish cousin had tears in her eyes as she held it lovingly.
    As a Belltown native I have found myself moved to tears often this past week. Bevin Bells are such a part of our history and sense of place, of who we are. It represents pride not only in East Hampton, but our history as Americans as well.  I am so grateful for you and your decision to try to rebuild. Perhaps our little town and the resurrection of what made it great, can serve as a beacon to others in America today. 
    If I can help in any way, please let me know.
    Most sincerely, 
    Barb Hitchcock
    Cobalt, CT

  • Susan Hewes says:

    How abouut selling your bricks? As a 23 yesar resident, I would be honored to have a true Belltown walkway.
    Sue Hewes

  • Mark says:

    How about offering shares of stock?

    • Atlee Yarrow says:

      This is interesting, Green Bay Packers have a stock program as part of the local industry and town-ownership. I would be very interested in having one share on the wall to retain part of my hometown history.

  • Leigh Semilof says:

    I have long been a collector of bells and have some wonderful examples of Bevin Brothers Bells. I'm so sorry to read about the fire. I have just made a donation . Best of luck.

  • Dean Johnson says:

    You should consider a campaign on> I think many people would be happy to chip in to get you guys back on your feet. 

  • Christopher LaPorte says:

    To the Bevin family,
    It is truly a testimont to your Patriotism to consider rebuilding in Belltown and continuing a tradition of producing quality American-made products. It's safe to say that we all realize it is less expensive to produce these products overseas, but nothing compares to something made here. I am a huge supporter of buying American-made products and supporting American workers. I wish for your continued success in Belltown and I am proudly making a donation to this worthy cause.
    Chris LaPorte
    Bristol, CT

  • joanna says:

    Just made a modest donation — best of luck and keep the faith.   Connecticut needs you — and the USA does too!  

  • Richard Bandanza says:

    The USA needs Bevin Bell to survive right here in East Hampton

  • NEILTWOHIG says:

    To the Bevin family, We send you our deepest simpothies. We at Twohig Architecture and construction wish to exspress our hand in any way possible. We know how much it hurts to have a devistating event happen. so again any service we can provide to you if you decide to rebuild in any compasisty. We offer our services free of charge. We are a company that gives back to a community. Please email me back if there is any thing we can do to help in any way in any commpasity. my email is above . Know that our prayers and thoughts are with you.

  • Joseph J.Mingo says:

    My prayers are with you

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