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On May 27th, 2012 our 6th generation family business was dealt a heavy blow. Despite the valiant efforts of more than 200 firefighters, our historic 19th century factory was completely destroyed.

We have been making bells on the same piece of land in East Hampton, CT since my great-great-great grandfather and three of his brothers started the company in 1832.

For 180 years we have appreciated the patronage and loyal following of princes, presidents, ranchers, miners, soldiers, firefighters, fundraisers, ice cream vendors, Santa and his many helpers and thousands of others who have valued the beauty and sound of a quality        American-made bell.

Now more than ever, we need your support. As we work to emerge from the ashes, we would be grateful for your patience, understanding and prayers.

If it can be done, we will do it. You have my word on that. We will keep you updated on our progress at

Please take this journey with us if you will.


With gratitude,
Matthew G. Bevin

28 Responses to Letter from Matt Bevin

  • Bob Bruguiere says:

    Matt;  It has been many years since our summers enjoying the Vose boathouse in Edgartown.  I remember your mom and dad, as your family use to visit Don and Dru Vose.  I think your dad was Dru Vose's brother.  The last thing I can remember was your dad's yacht hitting a submerged object on the way to the Vineyard, and the boat sank.  Would love to catch up with you and your family.  Judy and I moved 3 years ago to New London, NH, and loving every minute of it.
    This is the very first time I heard about the fire, and know you will recover and rebuild.  For some unknown reason, your website just popped up on my Mac when I opened it.
    Best of luck.  Bob Bruguiere

  • Larry Beeler says:

    Hope everything is coming together for your company! I had sent you an email on January the 9th, about the 76HB and 10HB Bells, we want to add and we need our cost and some details. Please respond to me or Sandy Loy at . thanks Larry Beeler, House Hasson Hardware Co., Knoxville, TN 37914

  • Neil Clark says:

    I watched the heartening video of the Bevin Bros. company `rededication' though the ringing of the replicated Yacht bell…may I suggest that this bell be named `Phoenix'?

  • Kelly Arellanes says:

    Mr. Bevin
    You and your family have much respect from me and my husband. I am trully Thankful for the making of bells in our country. And the memory of the bell of It's A Wonderful Life, brought such happy tears to me.
    We are both praying and hoping for the return of the factory on the historic stop of your family bells.
    Kelly Arellanes
    Bryant, Ar

  • Atlee Yarrow says:

    I am just reading about this, it is as though the fire stole part of who I am and my history. As long as I have been alive and generations of my family have lived in EH, the symbol of the Bell Ringer and your company have been the most memorable. I hope with all God's speed and blessing that your factory is reopened and ever more successful for many more generations to come.

  • Markus Ford says:

    Hi Matt,

    I just heard of this tradgedy! This is a most unhappy event! Please let me know what a techie can do!
    Markus Ford

  • Lisa Geisler says:

    I am slow (here in southeastern Indiana) to hear this devastating news of your fire destroying such a historic American icon found in your Bevin Bells family company.  I am so sorry for your loss and will pray for all of you as you cope and rebuild!!  I have made a small donation for that rebuilding process.  In December of 2010, the internet connected my daughter and I to you in looking for a very special keepsake for our wedding guests. We took pride in supporting an American made high quality historical product, and were drawn to the personal phone calls from Matt Bevin.  We were extremely proud and honored to be able to purchase the first bells to have a photo imprinted on them of our daughter and husband.  We made personalized information cards to be passed out to the wedding guests along with the bells because we were so proud of the Bevin Bells Company and our photographers from The Studio in Seymour, Indiana whose photo was used on the bell. So it is with great sadness that we're just learning of this tragic loss, but  we will share in the joy as you rebuild because although the building was a historical structure, more importantly what mattered to us were the bells and the family and workers behind the bells!!!  Ring On!!!

  • Andy Schulkind says:

    Mr. Bevin,
    I can only say that my wife and I feel sadness and regret over this tragedy. Two Christmas' ago, I was able to surprise my wife with a set of sleigh bells. she had told me not to get her anything for Christmas. This gift brought her great joy and they hang proudly in our entry way. I hope you are able to get the resources you need to rebuild and restart your business. We wish you the best.

  • Carol Ingraham Herzig says:

    Mr. Bevin,
    I was so saddened to hear of the devastating fire that took our beloved bell factory.  I grew up in East Hampton and many of my relatives worked at Bevin's over the years.  I still have my first bicycle bell and have collected many Bevin bells.  I now live in Durham, Ct.  I knew many of the Bevins growing up.  I worked for Barbara Bevin years ago at "Rest Haven" nursing home and took care of Alice Bevin and Gordon Bevin at various times during my nursing career.  Also I remember Thelma Bevin. You absolutely MUST rebuild the factory.  Getting back to small businesses and American made is soooooo important now!  East Hampton was and must still be the home of bell making around the world.  I will be making a donation and am looking forward to any fund raising projects that evolve to get you back on your feet.  My best to you and all your employees.  If I can help in any way, please let me know.
    Carol Ingraham Herzig
    47R Johnson Lane, Durham, Ct.  860-349-1275

  • George Ducharme says:

    Matt & Doug:
    Having worked at Bevin Bells and PSI Plus for nearly 4 years, both companies meant a lot to me. I made many friends of whom I consider my second family. I was devistated when I realized the entire factory was gone. The material things may be gone but the memories will live in my heart forever. Seeing that beautiful American flag draped over the shell of the factory really tugged at my heart strings. I do hope it flies proudly over the new building. Belltown may be hurting at the present but it will be stronger than ever in the near future.
    George Ducharme

  • Marta & Ray Williard says:

    We were heartbroken to hear about Bevin Bell. What a "special" place and even more special is that Bevin Bell is located in Connecticut. We are so lucky and proud to have such a company in our state. Our hearts and prayers go out to you and your employees ! Thank you ! for wanting to rebuild….. Bevin Bell is an important part of the fiber of our state. Bevin Bell has stepped up time and time again over the years to represent Connecticut in such a wonderful way now it's time for the people of Connecticut to step up, help out and support  an "old friend". Thank you for not being to proud to ask ! 
    All the best !
    Marta and Ray

  • Bob Adelberg says:

    Matt:  What a shock!  I know you have the character to weather this event.  Cindy and I send our daily prayers for you, your family and your future.  May Bevin Bells ring on!  Bob

  • LeRoy Smith says:

    I wish you all the best in your rebuilding.  I have never purchased a bell but when you are back I will….

  • Jennifer Kelley says:

    I have a Bevin bell that was given to my mother by Abner Bevin, who was a friend of hers when she was young.  She was always proud to tell me that whenever we rang it.  I've made a donation and I hope you'll be able to rebuild.  It would be sad to lose such a connection with Connecticut history.  Good luck!!

  • I am deedly saddened by this loss. As the Handler of Search And Rescue K9s I have used Bevin Bells on their uniform to let me know where they are working when out of sight. As each dog retires and passes on I retire their bell along with their uniform. Bevin has been the only source of quality Sleigh Bells for this purpose.

  • Anita Miller says:

    My name is Anita Miller…I am Vivek's sister. We are so sorry to hear about this loss.  My brother speaks so highly of you and your family and our prayers will be with you all as you take the next step of rebuilding.  My husband and I lived in CT for 3 years and wish we would have had the opportunity to visit your company.  As we know, God has a plan for us & our prayer is that the rebuilding of your company will only bring bigger and better things in his eyes.  Take Care and best wishes!
    Eric & Anita Miller

  • Kenna Warner says:

    I have been your neighbor for over 8 years.  I live at 16 Bevin Blvd. and I abut your property.  I have always loved walking out of my backyard and enjoying your pond.  I hated when you put the fence up but I understood why.  I happen to be out of state over the weekend but I was informed of what was going on by my dog sitters.  They luckily got my two dogs out of my house in time. 
    The gratitude I feel for the East Hampton Fire Department is undescrible.  They saved my home along with all of my neighbors.  Not a small feat. I wish you the best with rebuilding the bell factory.  I have always had so much pride living right next to the factory.  Let me know if there is anything I can do.
    Kenna Warner

  • My Mother was called the Southport Belle and  my Bell Collection of 40 years and more is dear to me, and my Dad's folk for three generations did for DuPont and understand the love and pride in the work within a family circle –  so I can add my heartfelt wish that you can indeed "keep the bells in belltown"   I donate my art for fundraising and could make a series of images depicting your bells thru the generations to use to fundraise for your restoration.
    I love all forms of restoration and am involved in a similar project in Vernon.  Best prayers and wishes to you and yours.

  • Mr. Bevin,
      As a genealogy and history buff, I hope Bevins Brothers rebuilds. I have lived in East Hampton and CT for only 2 years on Barton Hill in the old Nichols Dairy. If donations of  wood turned items from our shop for fundraisers would help, I would be happy to contribute in that way. Being the sentimental fool I am, I went online and found a Bevins Bros cowbell on Ebay to have a piece of your history. Please don't hesitate to ask if hand turned donations would help. Thank you,
    Clete Boothby
    Barton Hill East Hampton

  • Dear Bevin Family,
    My deepest condolences to all of you who's life was so entwined with Bevin Bell and those families that depend on their success. If there is anything I can do–from hosting a table at Old Home Day to collect donations or utilizing my skills as a former EDC coordinator for the Town of East Haddam, please let me know. This website and your outreach to the community is a great start. I know East Hampton residents will rally around you and support your families legacy~which of course is tied to East Hampton and those organizations who relied on your product. 
    Best Regards,
    Melissa H. Ziobron

  • Fr. Kevin G. Donovan says:

    Mr. Bevin,
    First, thank you for your service to our country as a military officer.  Second, thank you for preserving an important part of Connecticut's industrial history.  I wish you, your family, and your employees the best of luck as you rebuild your factory and continue making Bevin bells.  Connecticut being the "Land of Steady Habits," your family's company has been an important part of our state's identity for over 150 years.  Small businesses such as yours are so important to our local and state economies - a fact, it seems to me, that few people understand.
    Fr. Kevin G. Donovan
    Wolcott, CT

  • Bree says:

    *hear… I'm not an idiot. Just didn't proof read :)

  • Bree says:

    I am shocked to here about the fire at your facility. My husband owns a company and I can only imagine the devastation this must bring to your heart. Best Wishes during your recovery.
    Is there any word if previous orders will be met? I placed an order last Tuesday (05/22/12) and was going to call to check the status since I hadn't received any email confirmation following the payment receipt. Please respond if possible.

  • Terry Sprankle says:

    My wife and I are relatively new to East Hampton but we were well aware of the historical significance of the towns original industry, bell making. It is saddening to see the destruction of our last bell manufactory here in Bell Town. We are happy to donate to the rebuilding of the Bevin Brothers Bell plant and pray that our donation and hopefully those from many more folks will insure that we can still call our town Bell Town! Good Luck!

  • Paul Arnold says:

    We support you and encourage you in this difficult and challenging time.

  • The Bevin family and team are an incredible group of people. We have worked with them for over five years now and plan to for many years. Our team at PoochieBells (also a CT based company) is connected with the Bevin Team and inspired by their spirit. We will do whatever we can to help rebuild the Bevin Legacy. Hats off to the Bevin Team, we salute you.

    Your fans and friends at

  • Meg Gilbert says:

    Bless you for wanting to rebuild, may you succeed in your business and in the rebuilding of the Bevin Bell Company. Your family is a part of Connecticut history and to see the company not reestablish itself would be a huge loss. GOOD LUCK!

  • Bill Drotar, Jr. says:

    Mr. Bevin,

    I offer my families most sincere condolences to all of the Bevin Bell Company in the loss of your historic factory. We live very near to your factory, and I will never forget the words from a fireman, “it’s the bell factory” when I asked him what was going on this past Saturday night after we had smelled the smoke and seen the fire trucks at the end of our street. My question is: other than a monetary donation, what else can be done at this point to support Bevin Bell and help ensure it’s future? Our society is all-too-quick to forget about it’s past and in this instance that is just not acceptable.

    Bill Drotar, Jr.
    East Hampton, CT

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