This Memorial Day weekend will mark the one year anniversary of the devastating fire that destroyed our factory.  As we approach this date, I wanted to thank you for the encouragement you have given to us this past year. 

While 2012 was by far the most challenging year in the history of the company, it was also an inspiring one in many respects.  When we lost everything in the fire, we were not immediately sure we would be able to rebuild.  However, with the overwhelming support we have received from people like you, we have been able to rise from the ashes.  We have made great strides in rebuilding our business and are making new progress every day.

We have designed a special bell to commemorate the spirit of our employees and loyal customers on this one year anniversary of the fire. The Phoenix Bell is a celebration of our rise from the ashes. 

The Phoenix Bell is a customized 10LD cowbell.  The 10LD cowbell was the very first bell that we produced when we resumed production last year.

Please see the below picture. In addition to the bell, every order also includes a beautiful, full color Bevin Bells booklet highlighting the history of the company. 

The cost of the Phoenix Bell  is $10 plus $2 (for shipping).  To order this Phoenix Bell, you can:

1.  Click the donate tab, Please donate $10 +$2 (for shipping) for each Phoenix Bell  that you would like shipped.  On shipping instructions, type "Phoenix Bell "

2.  You may send a check payable to:
Bevin Bros.
10 Bevin Road
East Hampton, CT 06424.


Any questions, please email us at or call us at 860-267-4431. 


































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